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Affinity Track is a Denver-Boulder, Colorado-based SEO and internet marketing company. Affinity Track is a small consulting group that works with a limited number of individuals and organizations to provide highly customized services to promote our clients’ online visibility and competitiveness.

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Online Review Solicitation Email to Customers

Below is an email we recently provided to a client as guidance for soliciting and improving their online reviews. This client happens to be a medical office, although the email template and general approach can easily be adapted to just about any organization. Asking for a review, and making it easy to do with a direct link, are both important.

3 Takeaways On New Enhanced Adwords Campaigns

If you run a Google Adwords campaign, or manage one or more for someone else, you’re by now aware that legacy campaigns are changing to new enhanced campaigns. Be sure to read Google’s information on what’s new and the reasons for the change. After just upgrading several dozen campaigns myself, here are 3 important things to watch for and use to your advantage.

Organic SEO or Pay-per-Click | What’s Best?

Sometimes prospective new clients that contact us wonder aloud, “What’s best for our organization, organic SEO or pay-per-click (e.g., Google AdWords)?” In almost every case our answer is both. Although sometimes one is a better fit for a client’s immediate needs. In those instances rather than an all-or-nothing selection of one or the other, it’s more a matter of in what proportion to apply each.



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