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Dear Future Digital Marketing Client:

Do you want to create an exceptional internet presence for your organization? By exceptional we mean not just going through the motions, checking off the standard boxes, and then congratulating ourselves on what a good job we’ve done.

Instead by exceptional we mean elevating your organization’s internet presence (a combination of all digital marketing disciplines such as SEO, SEM, and Social Media, to mention some major categories) to a level over and above your past/current experience, and perhaps more importantly over and above your competition. It is possible to do although it’s not easy and it will require continuous effort over a period of time. A combination of strategic, technical, and creative skills will be needed.

We recognize that not every organization has such a goal. Still if your organization has a goal of creating an exceptional internet presence we can help get you there more quickly and with less wasted effort than pursuing the goal based solely on your own initiative. We’ll save you wasted time, inefficient effort, and the necessity to wade through tons of incorrect and often misleading information about what it take to effectively compete online. We’re confident that the value of your resulting expanded internet presence will by far exceed our fees.

We work with a limited number of organizations at a time so if you’re interested to discuss your digital marketing goals we encourage you to call us at (720) 316-2229 or email us at info@affinitytrack.com as an important first step.

Thank you and best of luck in all your digital marketing endeavors!


Ron McCoy, Director

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